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Vrindavan awas ka sapna, ab sach hoga apna 475 sq ft flat @ 7.91 Lacs only.


Terms & conditions

  1. Offer price of flat   - Rs. 13.91 lacks
  2. Buyer will pay only Rs.7.91 lacks for 475 sq ft flat in round towers of “koshda’s mandakini, vrindavan”. For the rest amount the company will take the loan from banks on behalf of the buyer’s papers.
  3. The scheme is subject to the eligibility of the buyer’s loan paper.
  4. The company will take the loan for the amount rs 6.00 lacks on the buyer’s loan paper.
  5. The company will make the agreement with the buyer regarding the repayment of e.m.i of the loan amt. That amount/e.m.i shall be paid by the company throughout the loan tenure.
  6. The loan tenure shall be of 15 years.
  7. During that tenure the company will make a lease agreement with the buyer in which the buyer will have the right to use the flat for 100 days out of the whole year. For the rest days the flat shall be utilised by the company. The company will have the right to lease it for the rest of the 265 days.
  8. The buyer can sale the flat after 5 years with the same terms and conditions. The remaining loan amount shall be paid by the buyer at the time of the sale. The increment of the flat shall be entertained by the buyer. The company shall have no right to claim for such increment.
  9. The flat is freehold property and shall be registered in the name of buyer. The registration charges shall be borne by the buyer.
  10. The company will register the flat after receiving the whole amount from buyer as well as bank.
  11. In case the buyer dont want to mortgage his flat to bank then he can pay the amt rs 6.0 lac by himself  and in return to that part of amount ,likewise e.m.i amt rs 5800/p.m the same amount, will be reimbursed to the buyer in place of bank after possession as assured rental.
  12. The 1 time maintanance charges amting rs 35/sq ft shall be deposited by the buyer in the society fund.
  13. After possession the yearly maintenance charges shall be borne on the prorata basis of lease agreement.

Payment schedule

At the time of booking – 1,00000/-
Within 45 days -  100000/-
After 2.5 months  - 100000/-
After 5 months   - 100000/-
After 7.5 months - 100000/-
After 10 months  - 100000/-
After 11 months  - 91000/-