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Real Estate Trends in Vrindavan

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India, like many other parts of the world is zooming away in the face of a real estate boom. In India there is a real estate boom in any direction you wish to see. Whether it is Banglore,Pune,Culcutta or Chennai or even already sky high Mumbai and Delhi the story is the same. Apart from these metro cities boom is also seen in spiritual places in past 5 years like haridwar,vrindavan, shirdi etc.

As far as “ Vrindavan” is concerned it is only 135 Km away from the capital of India  ‘ Delhi’ . So it is convenient for any person for overnight journey to this Most spiritual place  “Vrindavan” . As because of birth place of Lord Krishna “Vrindavan” is on the map of the World. After the separation of Uttarakhand from uttar-Pradesh, Vrindavan is the only “ Teerth Sthal” a devine place for  U.P also. So Government also taking so many steps for the development of Vrindavan just to prelude the tourist. Since one year  i.e 2009 the state  government has declared  and utilized the development policy Budgeted Rs.300Cr  specially for the  “ Vrindavan” .Apart from that amt  “ Mathura Vrindavan” is also getting Amt  Rs. 1800 Cr form “NEHRU URBAN RURAL MISSION” for the complete Infrastructure development .Since Past 5 years  Vrindavan has seen a lot of Infrastructre development maintaining  its spiritual vibes.

Driven by positive growth in the economy real estate in India is booming. The year 2006 started on a promising Note When the Government of India Opened the construction and development sector in feb 2006, and allowed

100 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) under the automatic route in order to spur investment in the vital infrastructure sector. The relaxation of the FDI ceiling saw big names joining hands with the Delhi based developments to announce India’s