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Koshda’ is a renowned name in the field of Gems and jewellery and ventured into development of First multi-storied large housing project at Vrindaban through its flagship company Koshda Builcon Private Limited. The project named as ‘Mandakini’ is progressing well and has met with overwhelming response from persons wishing to have good habitat at Holy City of Vrindaban and also the investors.

The company has acquired big plot of about 50 acres of land for its future expansion plans. The said land is situated at National Highway near GLA University. A big temple is also coming nearby. The company is now offering opportunity for willing investor to share the potential of said land and has formulated scheme in this regard.
The Scheme:-
1. The company proposes to issue units which would represent area of 0.10 acres in the land.
2. Each unit would be issued for Rs. 5.50 lacs.
3. The units would be transferable at the option of unit-holder, but subject to prior approval of the company.
4. The investor would benefit under the scheme as under:-
a. In case, the land as a whole is transferred by the company, the unit holder would proportionate gains.
b. In case, land is decided to be developed by the company, the units would be cancelled and the unit-holder would be given proportionate benefit at market rate of land. The unit-holder would however, have the option of redeeming units by getting booking in the project at pre-launching rates.
c. The unit-holder may transfer the units by capitalizing the appreciation in the land value.
5. The company proposes to guarantee return of 12% simple interest after a period of one year from the date of investment by the unit-holder.
6. The Investor should understand that:-
a. He is not going to become a shareholder in the company.
b. He would not be the legal owner of the land represented by the unit and thus would not be entitled for the possession of the land represented by the unit(s).
c. The selling of the land or development shall be at the sole discretion of the company. The company would try to fetch the best price of land (in case it is sold or is decided to be developed), but the decision to fix price shall not be questionable by the unit-holder.
d. The legal position of unit-holder would be that of unsecured loan.
e. All moneys shall be received by account payee cheques only and the investor would have to submit his address proof and PAN. All moneys paid by the company would also be through account payee cheques/demand draft only. The payment of interest would be subject to deduction of tax at source.
7. The title documents of the land are held by the company and can be inspected by the proposed investor by having prior appointment. The company would maintain a register of unit-holders and the total units to be issued shall not exceed the area of land owned by the company. The company reserves its right to stop issuing fresh units at its sole discretion.
Disclaimer:- Proposed investor should clearly understand the scheme and make his doubts clear. The scheme is not a public offer and is meant for private circulation only. The scheme is neither guaranteed by any Government agency nor so approved. The scheme is also not an offer to become shareholder in the company.