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Vaastu Special:-

Vaastu ; The soul of indian Architecture.
First and foremost Vaastu  Shastra is not religion but a science. The Philosophy and concept of vaastu shastra
Has more to do with complex mathematical calculation along with the energy lines of the earth. Faith is not a
Pre-requisite to success. Instead effective creation of energy and positive vibration,flow of balance and harming are required.

The Principal

Vasastu  shastra is based on percepts laid down thousands of years ago in the Indian Classics like the Puranas and Vedas. It concerns the order. - The harmany of heaven and earth and ways in which we as human can keep
The balance of human intact.

How Company is taking Care of Vaastu 

  • Mandakini plot is East facing plot.
  • South side boundary wall is 1.5 feet higher than North side.
  • Swimming Pool and tanks will be placed and Constructed in North-East corner of Plot.
  • Tower Construction work has been started from the south corner i.e. D tower of Plot.
  • Gaushala is being constructed at the south end portion of Plot.
  • Temple is also being constructed inside the vicinity.    Etc.